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We offer various weight loss and general surgical procedures. All operations cost the same, so money isn’t a deciding factor when choosing your surgery. Our prices are honest and fair, and there are no hidden fees.

The Bariatric Care Program

All bariatric operations and post-operative care/follow-ups will fall under the class-leading Bariatric Care Program provided by The SGOS team.

Long-term follow-up after bariatric surgery is key to sustainable weight loss results. The Bariatric Care Program is our team’s commitment to ensuring life-long bariatric follow-up and support throughout your weight loss journey. Following surgery, you will undergo planned first-year follow-ups within the first year at two weeks, three, six, nine, and twelve months. Within the second year, there will be follow-ups scheduled every six months. Beyond two years, continuing yearly reviews with all bariatric-related appointments being bulk billed with no additional expenses would be advisable.

The cost involved with The Bariatric Care Program will be the same regardless of the specific operation that is decided upon between you and the team. We have taken this approach because we strongly feel finances should not impact the appropriate surgical decision-making.

Our practice aims to be honest and fair with our pricing, and there will be no un-informed hidden costs. 

The quote for The Bariatric Care Program will include:

  • The cost of the operation
  • Surgical assistant fees
  • Comprehensive post-operative care and all structured follow-ups/consultations over 2 years and beyond:
    • Surgeon consultations and reviews
    • Regular follow-up with our dietician and clinical nurse

Other additional costs:

  • Anaesthetist fees – Our experienced anaesthetists work hand in hand with us to ensure the best peri-operative care. They will provide you with a quote for the anaesthetic fees once you decide to proceed with the surgery. Medicare partially rebates these fees.
  • You will need to purchase and follow a very low-calorie diet (VLCD) for 2 weeks before your surgery.

Bariatric Privately Insured Patients

Privately insured can offer you additional peace of mind when undergoing bariatric surgery.

What to expect to be covered with private health insurance:

  • All private hospital-related expenses, regardless of your choice of hospital or length of hospital stay
  • Health fund rebate for the performed bariatric procedures
  • Health fund rebate for anaesthetist fees

Additional health fund costs:

  • Excess fee for individual hospitals (this may vary depending on your individual health fund coverage)

Our friendly admin team will provide you with a quote once you have decided on surgery.

How do I know if I am covered for bariatric surgery?

Coverage can sometimes be confusing.
You can check with your insurance company by providing them with these item numbers:

  • 31575 – Sleeve gastrectomy
  • 31572 – Gastric bypass

Alternatively, contact us today so that we can assist you through the process. (get in touch tab)

Not privately insured?

We share your frustration that weight loss surgery is not readily accessible through the public health care system.

The best financial option if you don’t have insurance (or don’t have the right level) is to acquire cover before pursuing bariatric surgery after the 12 month waiting period.

At SGOS, we understand that sometimes you prefer not to wait or that this may not be a viable option. In partnership with our hospitals and health professionals, we are proud to offer one of the most affordable programs in Australia for patients without private health insurance whilst maintaining the same high-quality aftercare and team support that we are renowned for.

Call us for a quotation at (02) 9587 8813 – you might be surprised at just how affordable our uninsured program is.

Additionally, you may be eligible to access your superannuation to help fund weight loss surgery.

We utilise Super Health Ensemble© to help with this process seamlessly.

Click here for more details.

Weight Loss Surgery Funding & Advice

If you or a family member need help funding Obesity Surgery, talk to Super Health Ensemble©.

Super Health can help with your application to acquire funding for your bariatric surgical procedures. Talk to Super Health Ensemble© today to find out whether you are eligible to access your super in funding your bariatric surgery.

Please visit their website for more information –