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Intra Gastric Balloon

The silicon intragastric balloon is an interventional endoscopic procedure developed to achieve weight loss in obese people who have had dissatisfactory results from their other treatments and in severely obese patients who have high risk undergoing surgery.

About Intra Gastric Balloon

The balloon is designed such a way that it freely floats inside your stomach, and enables change in its size during the placement. This technique works by reducing the volume of the stomach thereby causing a feeling of premature fullness in the stomach. The balloon will be either filled with a liquid or air.

The procedure involves placement of a soft silicon balloon inside the stomach under the guidance of an endoscope following which the empty balloon is filled with sterile fluid or air in the stomach. The balloon captures most space in the stomach and gives the patient a feeling of full stomach. The balloon will be removed after 6 months through a short procedure.

This method of treatment has very low risk of complications except for relative risks for minor complications such as gastric ulcers and erosions. This procedure may be performed independently or before surgery in order to reduce the risks of surgery.


You should avoid solid foods for the initial few days after the procedure. Also, it is beneficial to avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks and fatty foods. Follow the diet and exercise plan suggested by your doctor to ensure best results.